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Priserve engineering specialises in consultancy, design and engineering for offshore and marine vessels, from specific small tasks to complete engineering packages.All disciplines are covered, including naval architecture, structural design and analysis; machinery configurations and designs; piping design and analysis; outfitting, HVAC.Services we can offer for these areas include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Outline tender
  • Contract project
  • Basic design
  • Detail Engineering

PriServe engineering employs more than 35 specialists in international offshore and shipbuilding projects.
Naval Architects 09
Mechanical Engineers 03
Structural Engineers 05
Piping Engineers 02
Structural Designers 17
Instrumentation Design Engineers 01

PriServe has a strategic alliance with another leading Marine design and engineering company of India, which gives us the capability to execute large offshore/marine projects. Break-up of manpower strength of that company is as follows:
Naval Architects 11
Marine Engineers 05
Mechanical Engineers 05
Electrical Engineers 03
Structural Engineers 04
Piping Engineers 05

Number of Designers with respect to the disciplines:

Hull Structure: 70 Designers
Outfit: 35 Designers
(Includes Hull-Outfit, Machinery, Piping, Electrical & HVAC)
Total 105 Designers

  • General Arrangement and Tank capacity plan
  • Pontoon, column and Deck Box structural Design
  • Bracing , Sponsons and Blister design
  • Crane Pedestal, Fairlead, Winch, Thruster and Other Machineries Foundation Design
  • Helideck ,Accommodation and Moon Pool Design
  • Drill Floor ,BOP and ROV Support Structure
  • Piping system design
  • HVAC Design

  • General Arrangement and Tank capacity plan
  • Hull Structural Design
  • Leg and Spud Can Design
  • Drill Floor and Pipe Rack design
  • Raw water Tower design
  • Helideck , Accommodation and Crane Pedestal design
  • Piping system design
  • HVAC Design

  • General Arrangement and Tank capacity plan
  • Lines Design and Fairing
  • Hull structural (Midship section, Deck and Profile, Bulkheads, Shell Expansion, etc) Design
  • Resistance and Powering Calculation
  • Rudder and propeller Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Piping system Design
  • HVAC Design
  • Outfit Structures(Doors, Manholes, Hatches, Ladders, Railings, etc)

  • Stability (Intact and Damage) Analysis

    Our team is equipped to perform Stability analysis (Intact and Damage) of semi submersibles, barges on various software like StabCAD, AutoHydro, Moses etc.

  • Hydrodynamic Analysis

    Hydrodynamic design of CP Propellers, Hull and Propeller interactions and Vortex Induced Vibration of Risers etc.

  • Mooring and Motion analysis

    PriServe can design Mooring systems ranging from conventional chain-wire spread mooring systems for MODU, FPSO, FSO, SPAR, Barge, etc. to Innovative mooring systems such as tether-mooring, pile-mooring, taut-leg mooring . We also can do integrated motion-mooring analyses using frequency-domain or time-domain techniques. Our team is conversant with tools like OptiMoor, ZenMoor, Neptune etc.

  • Riser Design and Analysis

    At PriServe we can Design Drilling risers up to 10,000 foot WD taking into account drilling operability, station keeping envelopes, hang-off heave induced dynamic tension, casing bottom loads, etc, flexible risers and offloading hoses etc. We can also do Vortex-induced-vibration analysis for rigid and flexible risers. Our team is conversant with tools like DERP, FLEX-RISER, Orcaflex etc.

  • Motion Analysis

    At PriServe we can study motions of floating Structures whether they are catenary moored or taut moored or anchored vertically by tendons, for both slowly varying or high frequency responses; Also motion dynamics from interaction of adjacent floating bodies can be analyzed. Our solutions to Motion dumping are based on both material and hydrodynamic type of dumping. Our team is conversant with tools like AQWA, MORA Neptune etc.


  • 3D Modeling of Hull and structures
  • Block detailed Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Weight and COG, Jigs and Bending data
  • Part List, Profile and Plate Nesting
  • NC tapes and Information
  • Bill of Materials for Pipes, Cable and vents
  • Global Strength Analysis
  • Station Keeping Analysis
  • Fatigue and Redundancy Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Longitudinal Strength Analysis
  • Helideck and Crane Pedestal structural Analysis
  • Fairlead, winch, Thruster and other Foundation Structures analysis
  • Other Advance Design and Analysis Capabilities:

    • Independent analyses to confirm the mooring strength integrity for the ORYX Neptune SPAR and the Chevron Genesis SPAR.
    • Airgap / Freeboard Analyses for both MODUs and FPSs in a wide variety of climates, and with several types of mooring systems.
    • Loading Calculations, Ballasting Procedures, and General Vessel Stability.
    • Our team has experience with multi-vessel lifting and installation analyses. We also have a strong background with global structural analyses of various types of vessels.

  • 3D Modeling of Pipes, Vents, cable tray and equipments
  • 3D Modeling of Ladders, manholes, hatches, railings, etc
  • Piping, Cable and Vents Layout
  • Isometric drawings
  • Pipe spool Sketches

  • The QA-system of Priserve engineering consists of defined quality policy, qualified staff, QA documentation and respective guidelines.
  • Our quality assurance system is used to assure the quality of the design and Project management.

  • Tribon (3D Modeling)
  • AutoCAD (Drafting)
  • StabCAD (Stability)
  • (Structural Analysis)
  • ANSYS (Structural Analysis)
  • SACS (Structural Analysis)
  • AutoSHIP (Powering and stability)
  • DERP, Oraflex, FLEX-RISER (Riser Analysis)
  • MORA, AQWA, NEPTUNE (Motion Analysis)
Software Function
MARS ON-board mooring advisory
Anchor Pile-Anchor Analysis
Jackup Setdown Motion and Leg Impact Force
DP Drift-off DP semisumersible drift-off/drive-off simulation
DP-Thruster Riser Hang-off Actual Dynamic Analysis
RHADA Motion downtime analysis
Downtime Mooring catenary calculation and installation simulation
Catenary/Install On-board mooring advisory

PriServe is working on the idea of providing training services for the personnel at the operators level to suit to the requirements of the offshore industries. With the surge of growth in the offshore and ship building sector in World Wide, there has been a huge shortage of skilled and trained man power in this industries. PriServe has the skills and capabilities to generate trained manpower for the sector.

Offshore wind Energy: With the successful design of the offshore wind turbine installation barge, PriServe is set to harness the huge potentiality of offshore wind energy. As an offshore engineering company, we are trying to rope in the turbine companies to begin the era of offshore wind energy particularly in India.