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PriServe Engineering is a leading offshore and marine design and engineering firm. Our business is based on efficient management of technical information, state-of-the-art engineering processes, and utilisation of modern information technology. Priserve engineering employs more than 35 specialists (Naval Architects, Mechanical Engineers and Designers) in international offshore and shipbuilding projects.

Our expertise covers design of Jack-Up rigs, Semi-Submersible, Offshore Wind Turbine Structures, Ships, FPSO, FSO and other marine Structures - from concepts, through conversions and new-build design and engineering, up to contracting services. We have successfully applied our design in Semi-submersible, Jack-Up Rigs and Offshore wind Turbine Structures.

With the successful design of the offshore wind turbine installation barge, PriServe is set to harness the huge potentiality of offshore wind energy. As an offshore engineering company, we are trying to rope in the turbine companies to begin the era of offshore wind energy particularly in India.

PriServe is working on the idea of providing training services for the personnel at the operators level to suit to the requirements of the offshore Oil and Gas industry. With the surge of growth in the offshore and ship building sector in India, there has been a huge shortage of skilled and trained man power in this industries. PriServe has the skills and capabilities to generate trained manpower for the sector.