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The basic design and the subsequent detail engineering for the up gradation of the vessel was done by PriServe engineering, which includes the design for the creation of Moonpool, installation of a well intervention platform with skidding system and installation of a crane on the main deck. The major tasks included stability Analysis, motion Analysis, Global and Local Analysis of the vessel and preparation of structural drawings for Class approval and the detail engineering for the fabrication support. We are also positioned to provide onsite yard support for the same.

Priserve Engineering has developed a unique concept of a 3 Column semi-submersible, which will be used as Floating production and storage unit. We have developed the design from concept level to basic level design. The main work involves the preparation of technical specification, General Arrangement, structural drawings for pontoon, column and deck box, stability analysis, Motion Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Helideck design and analysis, Crane Pedestal design and analysis, Fairlead Support structures etc. On a turnkey basis, at PriServe, we completed the detail engineering of the rig and provided onsite fabrication support at Yard level.

PriServe Engineering is developing a novel design of a floating barge to support the installation of offshore wind energy turbines. It is a jack-up barge, which carries the high capacity (5 MW) wind turbines and installs the turbines through self propelled skidding rail system on the offshore jacket.

On a turnkey basis PriServe has to do the detail engineering as well as to provide fabrication support too to the yard. With the successful design of the offshore wind turbine installation barge, PriServe is to harness the huge potentiality of offshore wind energy. As an offshore engineering company, we are trying to rope in the turbine companies to begin the era of offshore wind energy particularly in India.

PriServe Engineering is working on a unique concept of a fake leg, which would work as temporary support for the jack-up Rig. This will be used for the repair of the spudcan and saves the dry-docking charges of the jack-up rigs when it comes to shipyard for repair work.

PriServe Engineering has been working to provide engineering support for the load out of a newly built Jack Up.

PriServe is developing the concept design of a circular/hexagonal semi sub drilling Rig for an offshore company of Singapore.

PriServe is working on the basic as well as the detail engineering for the conversion of slot type JU to cantilever type JU.

This would be available for licensing globally in few months time.

This will most probably result in the basic design and detailed engineering of the entire vessel in few months time .

PriServe Engineering has been contracted to do the Design & Analysis of RWT as per the Design conditions supplied by ABAN. The RWT is analyzed for structural weight and environmental Wind & Wave loads. Different load cases & combinations are evaluated for the structural design. SACS is used for structural analysis and code checking.

  • Provided Analysis & Engineering services for various projects like Thunder hawk, TDS2000, Peregrine II, Atwood vessels.
  • Provided basic design as well as detail engineering for the above mentioned projects.
  • Provided piping design and engineering for the above mentioned projects.

  • Provided detail engineering support for the developed Basic design on site.
  • Basic Design and subsequent detail engineering for outfitting structures, unit platforms, access platforms, structural foundation in accordance with yard flexibility.

  • Provided support to look after all the major engineering issues developed during the up gradation of Neptune Explorer.
  • Provided Design verification support in the yard.
  • Provided on-site production & fabrication verification support.

  • Provided detail engineering (Structural and Piping) for the Sakhalin-II project.
  • Provided FEED and detail engineering support (Structural and Piping) for Hebron Topsides.
  • Provided FEED support for Rosebank FPSO.

  • Provided detail engineering (Structural and Piping) for the Bigfoot Tension Leg Platform.
  • Provided detail engineering (Structural and Piping) for Papa Terra P-61 TLWP
  • Provided pre-bid engineering support for Mohonord (Total) TLWP and Malikai (Shell) TLP

  • Supported BG Trinidad & Tobago’s Hibuscus field Development Project9 (Offshore Trinidad). The aim is to install the compressor module at the installation site on the existing Hibiscus platform using McDermott’s life vessel DB50. The design and engineering scope of Compressor Module work comprises of the following: Basic engineering support and delivery of detail design package for the following structural modules (Main Deck, Mezzanine Deck, Roof Deck, Lifting Frame)